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The compendium includes the following units:

Unit 1 - Welcome week, theatre tech history and basics
Unit 2  - Design 101
Unit 3 - Scenic Standards
Unit 4 - Scenic Design
Unit 5 - Lighting
Unit 6 - Properties Design
Unit 7 - Sound Design
Unit 8 - Stage Management
Unit 9 - Musical Marketing
Unit 10 - Hand Sewing
Unit 11 - Costume Design
Unit 12 - Mask Design
Unit 13 - Makeup Design
Unit 14 - Final Project
Unit 15 - Evaluating Live Theatre
Unit 16 - Musical Build (portfolio page activity for those that use their classes to assist during musical season)
Unit 17 - Extra Assignments and Sample Rubrics 

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What the community is saying:

"I just love the fact that it's all on google slides! My school gives the students a google account so it was very easy to implement. The activities are great for virtual learning and are informative for teachers who don't have a background in tech theatre" - A.R.

"I love how it's a possible start to a more structures, cohesive, uniform way to teach tech theatre. We don't have to follow the whole program to a T, but having a year laid out in front of you gives teachers the time to adapt and change, add or subtract based on their own experience and expertise." - S.B.

"I've been lost on how to teach my tech class all year and FINALLY could afford the MAB. My kids are so engaged and after 2 days they already started to show more trust and education. I'm so so grateful y'all have made this curriculum!" - A.G.

"I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your curriculum is exceptional and truly has informed my practice and completely saved me during the pandemic! I feel like we are almost still in it in a sense, and this is just so amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!" - B.P.

"Today while working on lesson plans I literally teared up. Do you know how long it's been since I felt worthy to teach anything technical? At the beginning of my career I took kids to the Ag shop and we constructed some flats and my hubby finished their step units because I couldn't get it squared so they wobbled. I taught them about the 6 lights we owned while they turned off a toggle switch on the wall. Today I started downloading MAB's Technical Theatre compendium and I shed tears. You see, I'm sixty plus years old and am not great with interactive computer lessons. My students prefer computer lessons. Sometimes there is a disconnect between us as a result. Your info is amazing, well planned, well supported and just the lighting knowledge alone I learned from Mel was EXTREMELY well taught, so I'm sure this will be amazing. This is not just a guide or set of lessons, this is a blessing to people like me and to those who must teach Theatre in small schools or to those who studied acting and have no experience at all with the tech aspects. Thanks and blessings to you all." - D.F.