Welcome to MAB Technical Theatre

When it became apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic would change the educational landscape, we knew that it would become difficult to effectively teach Technical Theatre digitally. Realizing that there was already a lack of resources for educators in the content area, we decided that we would create a collection of resources, a compendium, to assist teachers both in their digital and physical classrooms.

Collectively, we creators have over 25 years of professional/educational experience. This compendium is the collection of classroom tested lessons and projects that follow the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills for Technical Theatre 1. We have adapted these in-person lessons to make them virtual friendly and learner-centered. Included is a Year-at-a-glance that guides the instructor through the units, lessons, and time-frame. The compendium includes 15+ units, over 25 lessons/projects, and supplemental materials.

The compendium is centered around Google Apps, but should be treated as a launching point as it can be easily used in any online learning environment. Most lessons are created in a Google Slide format and include “We will, I will” objectives as well as the TEKS that are covered in the project. We provide a lesson plan sample, as well as an example rubric to be used.

We have put a lot of our experience, knowledge, and efforts into creating this resource. Our hope is that this compendium will give you the confidence and resources needed to go forward and succeed this year! 


The MAB Technical Theatre Team

Mel Edwards

Abraham Ramirez

Brandon Marks